1. This is the evening before All Saints Day and one of the pagan practices, along with Easter, that was adopted and renamed by the apostate church of the middle ages. Spirits supposedly come back to their bodies or their graves then as I understand it ec0905. It is like ancestor worship which many animist cultures practice.

  2. To pretend there are witches and cats that cast spells and to dress in costumes of skeletons and such is to play the devil's game. Any time we begin to do that, we are on his ground and have begun to take ourselves away from the protection of the holy angels and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. Wicked angels that fought Christ and were cast out of heaven with Satan re1209 can pretend to be specific people, provide knowledge to fortune tellers, or whatever will entice people into their sphere of influence. This is like spiritualistic seances is0819. Also see comments on Harry Potter and similar occult practices go.

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