How Christ's Ministry Breaks the Seals

In Revelation 5, Christ, as the slain Lamb is found worthy.  We may see in Isaiah 61 and 62 how He blesses His people through the opening of the seals.  At the beginning of His ministry, He read part of this passage in the Synagogue (Luke 4:16-21) lu0416ff.  You may find more parallels. Numbers in parentheses show specific correspondence between descriptions in Revelation and in Isaiah.

Described in Rev. 6-8
Represented in Isaiah 61, 62
White horse; Rider crowned and going out to conquer [for the kingdom of God] 61:1a One anointed to preach good news to the poor [poor in spirit, Matt. 5:3],
Red horse; peace taken from earth; killing 1b to heal the brokenhearted,
Black horse; scales price for wheat, etc. 1c to proclaim liberty to captives [vindication in the judgment],
Pale horse; Death and Hades [the grave] 1d to proclaim the opening of the prison [victory over death and the grave].
Souls under altar (1) granted white robes [vindicated/accepted in judgment] and (2) promised vengeance 61:2 Proclaim (1) the acceptable year of the Lord (literally, "the year of acceptance of the Lord"), and (2) the day of vengeance of God.
(1) Earthquake and celestial trouble; the wicked fear; (2) Trees protected; 144,000 [of Zion] sealed; (3) great multitude praising God for salvation; (4) Robes washed in the blood of the Lamb; (5) Serving God in His temple. (6) Led to living waters. (1) 61:4 Mourning ones of Zion rebuild the old ruins; 3c they are given the oil of joy; (2) 3e Mourners called trees of righteousness; 3a,b Consolation given them beauty for ashes; (3) 2c Comfort for all who mourn; (4) 10a Covered with robe of righteousness; (5) 6 Priests of the Lord; (6) 11 Garden grows as righteousness and praise of nations.
(1) Silence in heaven. (2) Censer thrown down 62:1 (1) [After the silence] For Zion and Jerusalem, not keep silent until righteousness shines; 11 Salvation surely coming; 12 Called a holy people. (2) In chapter 63 the Lord turns to the wicked, to punish them as one treading the grapes
Also the first four seals echo the salvation process: justification, sanctification, vindication, and glorification.
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