A chiastic structure in Revelation

Here the beginning and ending blocks in the book relate to each other. The overall structure is not necessarily matching in every detail just as these elements aren't. I have indented to revealed a small chiasm in the block at the end has a little chiasm within it. A number of matching blocks may be discovered between these two.

The first block is the first eight verses in Chapter 1:

1  Revelation of Jesus by angel
2a  John bears witness to word of God and testimony of Jesus
   2b  and to things he saw
3a  blessed are those who read or hear words
   3b  and who keep things written
4a  grace from the one who is / was / is to come
   4b  and from seven spirits
      5  and from Jesus the faithful witness
7  He is coming with clouds; every eye will see
8  I am alpha and omega, beginning and end
         who is / was / is to come
Below, from chapter 22, is the last block.  Notice that revelation and testimony of the first two lines above matches 20a below. The blessing in 3 above matches the curses below. Seven spirits above match Spirit and bride below. Both deal with what is written in the book. Thus the blocks match. And the ending block, with the exception of verse 21, may itself be seen as a chiasm. The levels of indention indicate the matches.
   16 Jesus sends angel to testify these things
   17 Spirit and bride and all say come take the waters of life.
      18a words of prophecy heard
         18b if one adds to things, God will add plagues
         19a if one takes away words, God will take away his part
      19b  things written
   20a  He who testifies says, I come
   20b  John invites Jesus to come
21  grace of Jesus for all
   This book begins with a blessing promised to those who hear, read, and apply its words. At the end is a warning for those who hear and read but add their own theories to it or subtract from it. Not every point at the beginning is matched at the end, but we see in both, the channel of communication, the urgency of being ready, the coming of Jesus.
    See the chiastic pattern for the book.

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