Revelation 9
Here we look at the events of the fifth and sixth trumpet calls
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  0   Two levels of meaning 17+  Breastplates
  1a  The fallen star, woe 1 18   Mouth power
  1b   The key in an evil hand 19  Mouths and tails
  1c   Who is in charge? 20  Sad ending
  2  Smoking furnace; darkness T1  Table - meaning of the trumpet calls
  3   Locusts from the smoke from the pit T2  Table - fifth and sixth trumpet calls
  5   Scorpion torment for five months  #  Relationship between Islam and Christianity
  6   Unable to die  #  Islam in the 5th and 6th trumpet calls
  7   Horse-like, crowned, locusts  #  Multiple fulfillment of prophecy
10   Stinging tails  #  Prophecy for a particular time
11   Abaddon - Apollyon  #  Prediction of Josiah Litch
12  Light obscured  #  Prophecy of Islam in History
13   Voice from altar horns, woe 2 T3  Table - Points where trumpets describe Islam
14   Unleash the four angels !  #  Harmonizing the two interpretations
17   Horses and riders, in battle T4  Table - end-time saints attacked then rescued
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