The Three-part Alliance

   In Revelation 16:12-14 three demonic spirits make pronouncements calling the kings of the whole world to the battle of Armageddon. Tracing this Satanic alliance and its roots through several chapters helps clarify it. The three imitate the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, re13tr.

How the Alliance Appears in
False Prophet
Attacks of the dragon 4 (as paganism) against the child 13 Against the woman (as papacy) 17 Against the remnant (as apostate Protestantism)
15 Image to the beast 2 Dragon who provides power 1 Beast from the sea 12 Beast from the earth
2 Victory of the saints Over the number of the beast's name Over the beast Over the image
13 Unclean spirits
19 City divided
From the mouth of the dragon From the mouth of the beast From the mouth of the false prophet
5 Character of woman on scarlet beast Abominations of the earth Babylon the great Harlot daughters
19, 20
The ends 20:1-3 Dragon chained in pit
20:10 Into lake of fire
19:20  Beast into lake of fire 19:20 False prophet into lake of fire