This is the briefest of the gospel accounts but it offers many insights not found in the others.
 1 John the Baptist; Jesus' baptism; disciples  9 Transfiguration; evil spirit; who is greatest?
 2 Through the roof; Matthew; fasting; Lord of Sabbath 10 Marriage; children bl.; young ruler; greatest
 3 Healing, multitudes, 12 chosen, unpardonable 11 Trumphal entry; fig tr., temple cleans. forgive
 4 Parables, the sower, peace in the storm 12 Wicked vineyard workers; taxes; angels 
 5 Demons out; woman touches; girl raised 13 Temple destr.; tribulation; deception; watch
 6 Nazareth; John Bap. killed; 5000; walk on water 14 Simon's feast; Mary; last sup; Peter; arrest
 7 Defilement; Gentile woman; deafness healed 15 Jesus & Pilate, rejected, dies as king, buried
 8 4000 fed; sign requested; leaven; Peter; cross 16 Resurrection, Mary M., commission, ascen.
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