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 1 Joshua takes charge; courage 13 More land to be taken; division east of Jordan
 2 Spies visit Rahab 14 Land west of Jordan divided; Caleb given Hebron
 3 Crossing the Jordan 15 Portion for Judah
 4 Monument from river stones 16 Ephriam and Manasseh, portions; neglect
 5 Captain of Lord's host; circumcision 17 Zelophehad's daughters; Joseph people complain
 6 Battle of Jericho 18 Rest divided
 7 Achan's sin; defeat by Ai 19 Land for Sim. Zeb. Ish., Asher. Nap. Dan, & Josh.
 8 Ai destroyed; covenant renewed on Ebal 20 Cities of refuge
 9 Gibeonite deception 21 Land for Levites
10 Sun stops; conquests 22 Eastern tribes go home
11 Kings of north defeated 23 Joshua is old; advises courage
12 Other kings defeated 24 Covenant renewed at Shechem

See jos1947 for a discussion of the book's authorship.

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