Chapter 1

Study Questions

Try first to answer directly from the Bible. Most of the questions are dealt with in this commentary.

    1.    Divide the chapter into topics or paragraphs and give each a title. There are many "right" ways to do this. From this larger picture you can better understand what is happening.

    2.    How did John get the information for what is often known as the apocalypse (the book of Revelation)? v. 1, 2.

    3.    From the first few verses What do we know about how the Scriptures are inspired? Also read 1 Peter 1:21; John 21:24; Acts 1:1, 2.

    4.    How can we be blessed by this book? v. 3 Are other blessings promised in the book. (A concordance can help you?) If so, how many, and what are they?

    5.    The book is addressed to the seven churches in Asia (vicinity of modern Turkey). v. 4. How do we know it is also for us now? (Look at verse 7 and at the last part of the last chapter).

    6.    Who does John say are offering us "grace and peace"? v. 3, 4. Do you find these three anywhere else in the Bible?

    7.    Find three characteristics of Jesus and verses 5 and 6. What gift for us is promised through each one?

    8.    What is the first announcement or warning we are given? v.7 It is a key theme of the whole book.

    9.    Where was John and why? v. 9.

  10.    Verse 10 doesn't say which day is the Lord's. Who was John's Lord? Did He ever claim a day to be His.?

  11.    What impresses you from the description of the glorified Christ? v. 11-18.

  12.    How does Christ relate to the churches? (more than one verse is needed to understand this).

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