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Revelation chapters are listed below. For other books of the Bible click.
  Introduction, Christ coming, and Christ glorified   The woman and the dragon (and 3 chap. table)
  First of the seven churches   Beasts from sea and earth
  Rest of the seven churches   Messages of three angels
  The magnificent One on the throne   Victory over the beast; poised for the last plagues
  The worthy Lamb   Seven last plagues
  Breaking the seals   Woman on the beast
  The 144,000 and the multitude   Babylon's complete fall
  7th seal; first 4 trumpet calls   Victory, white horse, and two suppers
  5th and 6th trumpet calls   The thousand years
  The mighty angel and the bitter book   New heaven and new earth
  Two witnesses, 7th trumpet, and reign   River of life, Epilogue 


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Introduction-and-explanation literary structure Chiastic literary structure
chart showing the sequence of events of Revelation as they appear in different chapters.
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