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Seeking deeper significance in the messages to the seven churches calls for considering a principle of understanding prophetic symbols. We may reasonably assume that the book of Revelation was significant to John's contemporary readers and listeners. I also see the messages to the seven churches in Chapters 2 and 3 as for God's people at the time John wrote as well as for those who have claimed to be His people (his church) through the Christian era to the end of time. Consider these reasons:
    The whole book, not just chapters 2 and 3, was addressed to the seven churches 0104, 0111. In the rest of the book, we see passages which are clearly for the end time (for example 1315-17). The "seven churches" were thus to hear them when they were relevant. So, although the messages had a meaning for the congregations in "Asia" near the island of Patmos, those churches must also represent the general church through the ages. As we continue on through the book, we will find parallels to the issues described in connection with particular churches among the seven.
Understanding is often developed in preceding verses so you might want to begin reading a little before your target verse, or even from the beginning of the chapter. Always remember to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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  Historical sequence of the seven churches
  Ephesus; charting the messages
  Already falling away
  The Nicolaitans
  A last look at the first church
  Smyrna Rich, poor people & pretend Jews
  Faithful unto death
  Paganism sneaking in
  Hidden manna and a white stone
  Thyatira Eyes and feet; the corrupt church
  Fate of Jezebel's children
  The rest in Thyatira
  The morning star reformation
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