Summary table for the seven churches
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   Characteristics of the churches help us identify the times they symbolize 0111. Category assignments are somewhat arbitrary in some cases.  With further study you can match the descriptions of Christ with those in Chapter 1. You may also look for links between churches such as the new names of Philadelphia following dead names in Sardis. One significant point from this obvious pattern is that the Holy Spirit no doubt expects us to look for patterns in the rest of the book. In case you want to copy this in smaller type, go.
Seven churches, described and identified
Period described The early church, to AD 100 The church under pagan persecution, to 313  Paganism enters the church, to 500s Papal supremacy of Dark Ages, to mid 1500s Protestant reformation and fossilization, to late 1700s Awakening, Bibles printed and studied, to mid 1800s The end-time church, content but sinful, to End.
To the angel of the church . . . write
Description of Christ Holds 7 stars, walks among 7 lampstands First and Last, Died and came to life The One with two-edged sword Eyes of fire, feet like brass; searches minds Holds 7 spirits and 7 stars Holy, true, holds keys, opens and shuts Amen, true witness, Beginning of creation
What Christ knows Works, labor patience Works, trials, poverty; blasphemy of false Jews Works, living where Satan's throne is More works, love, service, faith, patience Works, (and see "What you have") Works Works: neither cold nor hot
Tested false prophets, perseverance Rich in spite of poverty Held to My name & faith even in time of martyr (above) Have a few names undefiled Kept command to persevere
Rebuke Left first love Ones with doctrine of Balaam Jezebel with immorality permitted Works imperfect Lukewarm, wretched, blind, naked
Counsel Remember, repent, do first works Do not fear suffering Repent Hold fast till I come Watch, strengthen remainder Hold fast, preserve crown Buy gold, clothes, eye ointment
Warning Lampstand will be removed Will fight with sword of mouth Jezebel into sickbed, children killed I will come as thief if you do not watch I will spit you out; rebuke and punishment
What you have My hatred for Nicolaitans Tribulation coming Also have ones with Nicolaitans doctrine Rest do not have false doctrine, not Satanic depths A name as alive, but dead (and see above) A little strength, My word and name Not what you think you have
Reward for overcomers Eat from tree of life Not hurt by second death Hidden manna, white stone Power over nations; morning star Clothed in white, name in book, confessed Made pillar, inscribed with new name Sit on my throne
Other promises Eternal life to ones faithful to death Rest are given no other burden Undefiled ones will walk in white Submission of false Jews; Kept from hour of trial Eat with those who open door
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