Revelation 4
Chapters 4 and 5 form a unit. In chapter 4 we see the throne with the One on it. Then we see the Holy Spirit as lamps of fire. In chapter 5 we see the scroll and learn why John was concerned that no one was found who could open it.
  A seed in chapter 3 for scenes in 4 and 5
  The opened door
  Sanctuary pattern describes Christ's preparation
  Doors opened and closed
  Text & comments v2 to v6, rainbow ...
  Who are the elders? v4
  Lightning, thunder, and voices
  Seven lamps of fire
  Four living creatures
  Why in the midst of the throne?
  Characteristics of the four creatures
  Crescendo of praise, v8
    Table of the five hymns of ch. 4 & 5
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