Revelation 11
The story of the two witnesses; The third woe
  More to learn  Why kill the witnesses?
  The rod-like reed  Dead in the street
  Measuring and the day of atonement   Seen for 3½ days but not buried
  Cleansing the sanctuary   Rejoicing in freedom from the witnesses
  Don't measure the court   They stood on their feet
  Oppression for 42 months; God in control   Witnesses go to heaven
  Who are the witnesses?   Earthquake victims
  Prophecy in sack cloth   French Revolution, documents &comments
  Lamps and olive trees   The third and final woe
  Killed for hurting the witnesses   The kingdoms are all His!
  Power to shut heaven; water to blood   Perspective; plagues within the 7th trumpet
  Witnesses attacked   Sequence of final events
. .   Divine authority revealed
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