Revelation 22
The river of life; a final appeal; and a warning

Comments for he whole chapter are on one page with the Bible text in a frame at the left side. Except for the first verse, the selections here take you only to the place on the page without the frames. You can enter at the first verse and scroll down to your selection if you wish to see the full Bible text all the time.

  The city, a closer look inside
  Tree of life
  A reflection of the book of Ezekiel
  The epilogue begins
  Do not worship me
  Do not seal it
  Probation closes no more changes
  I'm coming with my reward 
  Entry through the gates a blessing
  Jesus' testimony and qualifications
  Come and say, Come
  Do not change this book
  Parting words

    The first verses of this chapter are peaceful and glorious. Just read them with the longing desire to be among those who walk beside the river of life. Praise God.

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