Revelation 6
Seals 1 to 6
 Breaking the code  Why did the souls need to wait?
 Four-part judgment  Judgment
 Choose the right horse  Sixth seal in context
 Symbols for the four horses  Seeking divine guidance in study
 Thunder  Signs in the sky
 First seal - white horse - -
 Second seal - red horse  Tribulation ends with signs
 Third seal - black horse  Why celestial signs?
 Fourth seal - pale horse  Heaven rolled up like a scroll
 Where are the souls? (5th seal)  Mountains and islands displaced
 Souls, dead or alive?  Running from God
 Crying souls  Who can stand?
 After 2300 days  Mt.24 & other bks; trib (table)
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I see Satan as the “strong angel” of Rev. 5:2. He knows all our sins and thus challenges God. He does not know who has been forgiven. The Lamb is found worthy in 5:9. Because Christ comes with rewards for good and evil people 22:13, the decisions or judgment will have already happened.
Also at the coming of Christ, the graves of the “dead in Christ” will be opened. And the righteous who are alive “in Christ” will join them being taken to heaven (1 Thess. 4:16, 17). The other two classes, wicked living and wicked dead, will not be raised then. All these will have been judged when Christ comes. Thus four classes in the judgment. Four horses appear in order in Rev. 6. These, too, represent the four classes.

Ted Wade