Revelation 7

The 144,000 and the great multitude
  A time to prepare (for the four winds)   Multitude before the throne
  The angel says "wait"   White robes and palm branches
  Sealed ones are different   Heaven responds in praise
  Two titles "servants" and "brethren"   Who are the multitude?
  Why not hurt sea, earth, or trees?   Relationship among three seals? (table)
  Sealed in the forehead   Washing their own robes
  Sun worship   Washing robes and the tribulation
  144,000 sealed   Clean robes perfection in Christ
  Israel in end-time prophecy   The multitude is in the temple; why?
  A different set of tribes (part of 4c)   Day and night service
  The unnumbered multitude   God will dwell among them
  Comparison of the two groups (tables)   The shepherd is a lamb
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