Revelation 8

   What might the blowing of trumpets reveal about the theme of the drama that begins in this chapter? What is God's message in it for us? These are questions to keep in mind as we study. This commentary holds that the seven trumpet soundings represent a historical sequence: the first four making one series and the last three another, (8:13; 9:12; 11:14, 15). The introduction (verses 2-6), rather than representing an earlier time period reveals the coming wrath of God about which the trumpets sound the warning.
  The time of silence, while describing the last seal opening, is also a legitimate part of the introduction to the trumpet calls.

  1a  Why silence in the last seal opening?    6  The trumpet angels
  1b  Half an hour and the flood   7a  Each time a third; why?
  1c  Silence in Jacob's trouble   7b  1st trumpet fire and blood
  1d  Silence ended    8   2nd trumpet burning mountain
  1e  Sixth and seventh seals in Psalm 46    9  Sea life dies, ships destroyed
  2a  Puzzling introduction to trumpet calls 10a  3rd trumpet A star falls
  2b  Silence and noise 10b  What apostasy? Atheism
  2c  The special angel with incense 10c  Burning as a lamp
  2d  Seven angels before God 11a  Wormwood
  2e  Trumpets similar to plagues, a table 11b  Men died another clue
  2f  Jericho surrounded 12a  Lights grow dim
  2g  Time relationships of the trumpet calls 12b  Day and night grow dim
3&4  See 2c above  13   Three terrible woes
   5  Angel with a censer; incense and fury   T   Trumpets warn against apostasy (chart)
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