Revelation 13
Beasts from sea and earth
 Who was on the beach?  Earth beast at our doorstep
 Up from the sea  Strong evidence, but false
 The beast identified by crowns  One Elijah is an impostor
 Why was a name on the heads?  Deception as part of freedom
 Strange roots  Earth beast earth people
 Wounded and healed again  Abyss, sea, earth, & heaven (chart)
 Let's pull over and look at the map  Statue comes to life
 Dragon worship  Valley of the shadow
 Power granted for 42 months  Image of whom?
 Day-for-a-year principle  Why "both speak and cause..." ?
 Months of beast power in history  Exploring characteristics of the mark
 Was the little horn little? Antiochus  Why forehead and hand?
 Courage enjoy heaven today  The marked and the sealed
 Allies join the battle  A sign in the forehead or the hand
 Slander against God  The seal that seals
 Overcoming the saints  Reasons to choose Sunday - 1
 God doesn't follow the majority vote  Reasons to choose Sunday - 2
 When was the Lamb slain?  Three bad choices
 Eternal destiny decided long ago?  Forbidden to buy or sell
 Why called the book of the Lamb?  Threats against God's people
 Hearing loss  The wise will understand 666
 The work of the beast, past and future 18b  A clue from the wording
 Patient saints  Meaning for our time
 New beast new matrix  Count the number 3 choices
 Talking like a dragon  The three-part woman who is a city
 New trinity an awesome scene  Whence 666?
- -  Thematic structure of the chapter
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