Revelation 14
Chapter 14 is God's end-time call His response to the false worship of chapter 13.
 Scene of victory  Fall and restoration, 3 elements  Hell explained
 Standing on the mountain  Worship don't we already know?  The rich man and Lazarus
 Names on their foreheads  Sunday, the Christian day of rest -
 Voice of waters and thunder  Why God said, Rest  The spirit that returns to God
 Why do the harpers harp?  What is Babylon?
 Separating soul and body
 The willow-tree time  The fall of ancient Babylon
 Some saints can't learn the song  Belshazzar, fictitious?  The patient saints
 Without fault before the throne  Babylon, fallen-fallen?  Patience
 -  Belshazzar's bad party  Who are these patient ones?
 Flight plans of three angels  Good wine, bad wine  Patient ones - faith in Jesus
 The angel's unexpected sermon  Good wine, bad wine, real wine  Perfection
 Are ceremonial laws still valid?  The forgotten part  Jesus cares
 The moral law and grace  Fall of Babylon, time relationship  From now on
 Keeping the grace pipeline open  When does the 3rd angel fly?  What is the blessing?
 Jesus explains the gospel  Solemn warning neutralized  Why the voice said, "Write"
 Who hears and who doesn't?  The time of wrath  Followed by works
 Preaching angels identified  Ready during the time of wrath  Pattern of destiny
 Afraid of God?  Symbolic fire and brimstone  3 angels and 3 more
 Old and new covenants  Administration of judgment (table)  The One on the cloud
 Law of love? How many rules?  Judgment prefigured by Sodom (t)  Reaping
 Judgment  Everlasting smoke hell fire  Gathering grapes (or bundles)
 Worship, the great final issue  No rest unpardonable sin  Winepress of wrath
 Does how we worship matter?  Choice of bad consequences  Bloody horses
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