Revelation 16
The plagues are poured out
 You may wish to read chapter 15 to understand the setting of the final plagues
 A command from the temple 12b  Kings of the east
 Seven last plagues, overview & chart 13a  Battle lines drawn
 First plague, a sore for the marked 13b  Coalition of evil forces
 The sea cursed 15a  The coming thief & the 6th plague
pr1  The plagues of Egypt provide clues 15b  How to dress for wedding and reception
pr2  How are the seven plagues the last? Table 15c  Warning
pr3  Who hardened Pharaoh's heart? 15d  Plagues before celebration
 Blood for water sources 15e  Keeping our garments
 Rivers and fountains, two sources 16a  Gathering of the kings (Mt. Carmel) - map
 Sources from sea and land 16b  God's people prepared for battle Jehoshaphat
 He is righteous in judgment 16c  Why "in the Hebrew tongue"
 Echo from the altar 16d  Events of the 6th plague. Summary
 The sun, target of the 4th plague 17a  7th plague poured into the air
 Scorched with heat 17b  It is done
 Light that is darkness, 5th plague  Violent activity in God's final wrath
 Darkness that hurts  Hail falls and blasphemy continues
12a  River dried up 16T  The 3-part alliance, chart of appearances
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Important: Futurism and Revelation, Summary of Armageddon.
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